Friday, July 17, 2009


Our first Easter as a family of four:Photo shoot on the bed:

Big smile:

Daddy and Katy:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Katy is here!

Hello! We now have a daughter, Kathryn Jane! She is one month old today, which is crazy- time is flying by so fast! She was born on February 17th at 3:29pm, after I was induced at about 8am. This delivery was not as pleasant as Nathan's, which seems like a breeze now. The nurses were disorganized, the epidural man came so late that it didn't really help me, and there were far too many people in the delivery room. They had maybe four or five students there, just watching me yell in pain and push her out. Dan was practically pushed to the side, and I had about three nurses telling me what to do, which I had forgotten, probably b/c of all the pain. It was ridiculous, really, and I'm going to let them know that in their survey they sent me, just as soon as I can find the time. She was tiny compared to her brother, though, weighing 9 pounds even. 20.5 inches long. Still supposedly a big baby, but I thought she seemed way too fragile. She came out pretty pissed, probably b/c of all the people playing around with her, taking her vitals and all that. It seemed like forever that they had her in the warming room, and I had to ask why I still don't have my baby, and how much does she weigh, pretty much b/c they were teaching the students what to do, I guess. Dan had to fight to get close enough to get a picture of her! She's healthy and beautiful, though, so it's all good! Anyway, here she is:

Just minutes old:
Sleeping after a hard day's work:

Big brother Nate!:

Me and my girl:
The four of us:First day home:

Friday, January 23, 2009


I am waaaaaay behind in posting anything on here, mainly b/c I am always on facebook instead- it's my new obsession. But, also b/c I don't think many people read this. Oh well. I have gotten a couple of comments from fellow bloggers out there- thanks. I will try to upload more photos from the holidays soon. But now it's time for lunch.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Pictures from the Birthday Party

Nate and my Mom
Big fat Me, Nate, and Dan
Me and Nate- time for cake!

I'll put up more when my computer isn't acting nuts.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


He always finds it funny when I do this to him!:

He was diggin' the tent:
He was only clean for a moment:

Good stuff!